Rocker Ski Rack



First impressions matter. Rocker Ski Racks’ product speaks for itself in person—all it takes is one demonstration to sell any skier or snowboarder on its ingenuity, durability, and immediate value. So how can all that be immediately conveyed via an impersonal screen-based experience?

Ski and snowboard designs have been rapidly evolving over the past few decades, but good methods for storing this expensive equipment have been slow to catch up. Enter Rocker Ski Rack, an elegant wall-mounted solution that gently suspends any ski or board, regardless of its depth, cut, or camber. 

Rocker Ski Racks’ product speaks for itself in person—all it takes is one demonstration to sell any rider on its ingenuity, durability, and value. But when this one-man shop tapped me to bump up their digital game, the online presentation left potential customers wondering exactly why they’d want this odd-looking piece of hardware.

E-Commerce Solution

I helped craft a new user-centered narrative and  provided a full service e-commerce package including branding, copywriting, photography, navigation architecture, content layout, and a fully provisioned and customized Shopify installation.

With recent sales going through the roof, the owner is facing  a new challenge: keeping up with demand.
Tools: Illustrator, Shopify, Liquid, CSS


The client’s existing logomark, based on a technical drawing of the product itself, didn’t support the user-centered narrative we wanted to tell, and also didn’t scale well. So we decided to craft a new logo based on a mark that was already being used on the product itself. In addition, I led the selection of new typographic and color palette guidelines for future brand collateral.
Tools: Illustrator


The client brought a fantastic selection of product imagery to the project, but lacked any photos that would resonate with customers and provide a critical component of the user-centered narrative. With this need in mind, I produced a few images that filled the gap by helping customers remember why they care so much about their equipment in the first place.
Tools: Lumix GH4, Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L, Lightroom